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​We build, configure, and maintain RPC Servers and Validator Nodes so you don’t have to.

About GenesysGo

This site is meant to be a fast and easy guide to GenesysGo, our offering, and how we can help power your project so you can focus less on your infrastructure and more on your project.

We like straight, simple, and to the point. Why are there no fancy schmancy animated graphics? Because animated graphics don’t power your project.

All the important things you need to know about GenesysGo are here and are easy to find. Put away the map and compass Magellan… we’re not going to make you go exploring for hidden FAQs to find the info you need.

RPC Servers

What’s the point of building on the world’s fastest blockchain only to be slapped with a speeding ticket by your RPC infrastructure provider?

RPC Servers

You came to build on the world’s fastest blockchain. You and your team were really excited about the blazing fast TPS. Then you started getting hammered with errors… you’ve been rate limited…

What’s the point of building on the world’s fastest blockchain only to be slapped with a speeding ticket by your RPC infrastructure provider???


Unlimited RPS, unlimited data, auto-scaling. Zero cost.

Join our Discord server and look for the channel “#rpc-endpoints” for access to the network and a FAQ with some helpful information for connecting.


There are none. The only limits are machine limits and what that means is if a project is on the dedicated cluster and is using a whole machine’s worth of resources on their own then we will help them migrate to a dedicated node and use the private cluster as backup/surge.

$500/month for unlimited private cluster access and $1,500 per node/month for a dedicated node setup. We accept SPL-USDC, SOL, and USD fiat. **Note** - Pricing for a one time CandyMachine mass-NFT drop is different. Please reach out for details.

Yes, we provide node access to all three major geo-zones and Geo-DNS failover.

About 15 minutes per server.

We've tested ~1,800 RPS (~155M/day) on a single server pulling an average schema of call types that clocked in at ~1 gbps. We test with a mix of calls that weigh in at the medium to high range, as well as web sockets.

Yes, we provision on-demand resources to provide extra horsepower for listings, launches, and new feature releases.

This happens instantly

No cost assuming that the increase in traffic is only temporary.

We use domain based headers for authorization and can include all subdomains and whitelist all IPs. Domain based headers are required. None of this "-" nonsense. Do you want malicious bot spam? Because that's how you get malicious bot spam.

The easiest and fastest way to reach us is via Discord, Telegram, or Twitter. I would highly recommend messaging us there! Our DMs are open on both.